Should I get fat transfer breast augmentation and areola reduction procedures done together or separately?

I would like to increase my breast size from a C to a D cup, my breasts are slightly assysmetrical with minimal sagging. I'm 60kg/132lbs and 5ft 4inchs, I have some spare fat around my abdominal area that I want to have transferred to my breast area. I want to have an areola reduction to correct the shape of my areola and reduce the size, they became less rounded and assysmetrical due to burns and have some scarring and lessened elasticity. What are the associated risks and your recommendations?

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Fat transfer to breast

Hi - you can have fat transfer and NAC reduction in the same procedure. If you are looking for a modest size increase then fat transfer would certainly be an option for you. Further, we know that fat transfer can improve burns scars so you may see a benefit from this too although the precise mechanism for this is not fully understood and results vary between patients. 

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Fat transfer to breast with NAC reduction

I dont see any reason why both can not be done at the same time. NAC reduction involves removal of outer layer of skin of NAC and closing it to a smaller circle.Its not a full thickness cut in the skin that you are concerned about fat leaking.
Fat is grafted at deeper and at various levels depending upon the shape you have now and the shape you are looking for.
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