Eyes look so bad after malar cheek area filled with voluma, and spread on preorbital area.

Please help, eyes were fine, left eye now dips from what looks like tear trough, and runs to mid under eye.One eye in particular looks sagged down with definitive rims. I'm 2 wks now. Will revisit provider, but am wary of reversal, and don't want to be fobbed off with lower blepharoplasty, when it was previously okay. Does it sometimes need a tough more filler? Apparently tear trough wasn't treated.

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Voluma and Eye swelling

Voluma is a great product but it is dependent on expert technique.  It sounds ad if the product was injected too high and more towards the eye than the malar prominence.  I would definitely return to your treating physician for examination and probable Vitrase to dissolve these injections.  Best, Dr. Green

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Eyes look so bad after malar cheek area filled with voluma, and spread on preorbital area.

Without photos is impossible to visualize the problem. The Voluma that you had injected most probably was around the bony rim of your malar prominence. If you have not had any treatment on the tear trough area it is obvious that this area and the lower lid should look a little deeper. It is very wise of a physician to go slow and add volume in stages when a patient need a considerable amount of filler or has multiple problems as described by Dr. Chilukuri. If you have lost bony volume, tear trough, sunken lower eyelids, lost volume of the submalar cheek. It is very wise to add in stages. Do not expect final results if you are staging this way from the first visit, you will only aggravate yourself and feel disappointed. Solve one problem at a time. The best thing that God made is one day behind the other, we can always come back and inject more. But remember to be patient, the results will be visible after several sessions.

Without photos is very difficult to asses all of the problems.

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Eyes look so bad after malar cheek area filled with voluma, and spread on preorbital area

Thank you for your question and I am sorry that your results have not been what you anticipated.  Voluma often takes 2-4 weeks to fully settle and the overlying tissues to relax.  I would recommend that you reach out to your injector to voice your concerns.  They will be able to help you decide upon the best course of treatment to improve your results.  

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Voluma and Tear Troughs

With appropriate Voluma placement, you will have some lift to the lateral portion of the eye as well as lifting of the cheek.  Depending on the patient, it is not uncommon for your board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to subsequently enhance the mid cheek or the tear trough area.  Without photos, it is not possible to give a more educated response. 

Please visit with your dermatologist or plastic surgeon to discuss options. 

Best of luck,
Suneel Chilukuri, M.D.

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