Eyelid ptosis. Is surgery worth it? (Photo)

I'm 28 and from London, UK. I had LASIK in 2012 in both eyes, followed by Lasek in the left eye in 2013, this was over corrected to +1. The right eye then because -1.25, so I've been wearing a lens in the right eye for 12months, and am now experiencing ptosis in the left eye. I do experience dry left eye.I've seen a neuro-ophthalmologists, who confirms it's nothing serious. I'm convinced it's because of wearing 1 lens only, it's really bothering me, is surgery worth it? Or dangerous and risky?

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You do have ptosis.  Opening the eyelid will help.  Here is the challenge.  Opening the eye with ptosis surgery will increase drying from the eye surface.  The history of refractive surgery also makes it more likely that you have a dry eye.  You have under eye scleral show, which means you have exposure of the cornea from below.  All of these considerations need to be brought together to design a surgical approach that would be right for you.

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