Why is my right eyeball higher than the left? What should I do? (Photos)

Around last year my right eye upper eyelid sometimes was lower down and felt swollen when I blinked sometimes but didn't effect my vision whatsoever. Recently I've noticed that my eyelids have began to start looking the same again and feels normal but however I did notice that my right eyeball seemed to be higher up than the left one. This has not effected my vision but I'm wondering if this is something that could possibly get worse and that It would be worth visiting my doctor.

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These photos do not control head rotation which changes the apparent inferior scleral show.

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The two eyes appear to be at the same height.  I suspect that it may be the lower eyelid that is not the same.  There are many potential causes for this which means there is no substitute for a personal consultation.

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The story from last year sounds like you had a stye (chalazion) which has now resolved.  I see no evidence of that now.  There is evidence of inferior scleral show (white part of the eye more visible beneath the colored iris) and this is likely hereditary or the angle you took the photos.  Only an evaluation in person with a board certified fellowship trained Oculoplastic Surgeon who specializes in eyelid and orbital surgery will be able to answer your question.  Best of luck in your search!

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