Earfold - could it increase the chance of cancer?

I visited a surgeon (otoplasty). Regarding ' earfold' he said: -earfold is composed of titanium, nickel ,gold and is for permanent implantation. He said that nickel is used for coronary artery stents which are usually placed to older patients eg 65 years old. So nickel will remain for eg 30 years more in their bodies. But if a 25-year old inserts earfold, it may remain for 60+ years. How many publicly available cases of patients with titanium, nickel,gold in their body for 60+ years do we have?

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Earfold - could it increase the chance of cancer?

The Earfold method is not that old yet, so that there isn’t any long-term experience of the tolerance of the implanted materials. If you’d prefer to have another minimally invasive method for pinning your ears that has 20 years’ experience to show for itself in the meantime, and by which it is also known that the ears are held by Prolene threads, that are used worldwide for the suturing of vessels and in cardiac surgery, then the Merck stitch method is recommended.

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