Dry and gritty eyes after Botox (azzalure)?

So 2 days ago I took the plunge and got Botox (azzalure), since then my eyes have been quite dry and feeling gritty, optitions yesterday confirmed my eyes were dry and suggested drops as I'm a contact lense wearer..is this a common problem and how long will it take to resolve ?

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Botox and Results

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It is likely that the botox was injected too close to your eye in the orbicularis oculi (muscle around your eye) and this is causing drooping of your lower eyelid resulting in dry eyes. Botox does not have a direct effect on the tear duct. I suggest following up with your injector for evaluation. Best, Dr. Emer

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Dry Eyes After Botox

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This is not a common issue. Was there a change in the local weather or your environs? Allergens? If your situation is due to Botox, it should improve as the Botox fades, which is around 3-6 months. Consider using BSS (balance salt solution) drops to help in the meanwhile and contact your Botox injector.

Dry eyes after Azzalure

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This product is a derivative of Dysport and is in the UK but not US.  Dry eyes have been reported following botulinum injections. Use non-preserved saline ophthalmic drops a few times a day and this will help

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Dry eyes after Botox

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Thanks for your question.  It is quite unlikely that Botox is the cause of dry or gritty eyes after injections.  That being said, best to follow-up with your injector or physician for a recommendation for dry or irritated eyes.  Good luck.

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