Dog ears - I do not want another tt.

I'm getting so many different responses I know what I want and that's the dog ears removed but I do not want another tt and that's the only option I've been given the middle of my stomach is flat I've been told I need a mini tt then a major it's jus the sides I want done I think that is enough instead all that surgery again plus I want arm lift that they want to do 3 days apart why not same time please help im desperate and any surgeons Prague Poland that can help fix this without a tt

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Dogears and armlift

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Both the dog ears and the armlift can be done in the same sitting.
You don't need another TT from the picture you have sent.
This can be done in the UK.

London Plastic Surgeon

Dog ears following tummy tuck

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Those are Texas sized dog ears!!  I would suggest that your original surgeon or any one of your choosing could extend your incision around and remove those dog ears.  Cannot imagine why if your abdomen is flat why a redo tummy tuck would be necessary.  Certainly there are many talented plastic surgeons in the beautiful city of Prague to help you.  Best wishes 

Craig Harrison, MD, PA
Tyler Plastic Surgeon

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