Dissolvable sutures not dissolving 3 weeks after BA? (photos)

My dissolvable sutures on the left breast are not dissolving and look awful (very thick and still red). Right incision looks prerfect. After contacting my surgeon he stated I just need to be patient and the suture will eventually dissolve. Is that correct? Would it be worth looking into having them removed (although there's no sutures sticking out on the end of incision). Thank you for all answers in advance.

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Dissolvable sutures

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I can understand why you would have questions given that your suture lines look different.  Dissolvable sutures are intended to dissolve very gradually over a period of months.  Any faster could result in improper healing and opening along the incision line.  I agree with your surgeon that patience will be key but you should still continue to pay attention to the scar line and make note of any other changes to discuss at follow up appointments. Best of luck!

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Dissolvable suture question

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It takes roughly 3-4 months for the sutures to all dissolve, until then all is fine and will smooth out in time.

Dissolvable sutures not dissolving 3 weeks after BA?

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Thank you for your question.   I sure are concerned about the left breast incision.  I do not like the fact that is red and swollen.  I would suggest that she see her plastic surgeon and do not weight.  Removal of the sutures, the use of antibiotics, and possibly warm soaks May be needed if your surgeon finds a suture abscess.

Not dissolving?

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If your sutures have not dissolved on their own, then you should go in and see your doctor so they can be removed. Best, Dr. ALDO

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