How difficult are septal extender grafts to place

Hi, I am considering getting a revision surgery to make an overly shortened nose longer. I do not have any septal cartilage remaining so the revision would have to be with rib or ear cartilage. I was wondering, how difficult is the procedure to successfully place these grafts. How long will the operation take and which cartilage is best used for this type of procedure?

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Caudal Septal Extension Grafts

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Lengthening a short nose is one of the more difficult maneuvers to achieve successfully in revision rhinoplasty. The best way to do it, however, is with a combination of both extended spreader grafts and a caudal septal extension graft. Rib cartilage is the ideal material to use for these grafts as it is both strong and straight. It can also be cut to almost any size and width required. Ear cartilage is relatively weak and it has a natural curve to it which makes it a poor candidate for both extended spreader grafts and caudal septal extension grafts. Complicated revision rhinoplasty surgeries take about 3 hours and should only be performed by experienced rhinoplasty surgeons.

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