Dermabrasion, laser or skin peel? I'm 32.

I know it's very hard to analyse my skin online but I'll describe as best I an! Open pores, dull skin, lines under eyes and quite deep on forehead and slight sagging in cheeks due to lost volume! I use vitamin a and e, glycolic wash and all sorts of creams but nothing really helps. I'm only 32 but feel I look beyond my years please help! I'm in the UK so if anyone can help me in London. I'm feeling quite desperate as they have so much to offer and I've put it off for so long.

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Rejuvenation of the skin

The good news is that you have fair skin so your results should be terrific. Those patients with dark skin run much higher risks overall for hyper or hypopigmentation. Your choice in modality depends on what bothers you.  Going from most aggressive to least. 

Deep chemical peel or Dermabrasion: These eliminate the outer layers of your skin down to the superficial dermis. They are associated with the most pain but also some of the best results. There are other downsides as well that you have to consider such as pigmentation changes and the quality of your skin after treatment (in my opinion deep chemical peels create a bad surface texture after treatment that makes the skin look less natural).

Fractionated CO2 or fraxel laser: These treatments are only slightly inferior in results but more than make up for it in safety and tolerance of side effects. This is what I typically use when people have complaints about lines and sagging skin

Ulthera / radiofrequency heating: These treatments heat the skin from the deep aspect. There is some tightening and mild improvement of fine lines. They are good for those people seeking a lighter treatment that has minimal downtime and don't mind the hit to their pocketbooks.

IPL / Nd:Yag other light/laser treatments: This is a broad category with many different options. For the most part these are great for spots and light superficial skin problems. There is minimal tightening and wrinkle improvement.

Microdermabrasion / micropenning / PRP facials: these help smooth the outer surface of the skin with minimal improvements for spots and redness. 

Of course I was extremely superficial in this discussion but it is a good place for you to start figuring out what you would like to do and what would give you the benefits you desire.

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Skin care

hey Roonie great question- 

You sure can use dermabrasion for resurfacing which has taken a backseat nowadays to laser and IPL treatments. With your fair skin tone- the options are wide open. 

depending on the downtime that you're ok with- I'd recommend a couple IPL treatments to see how you like that vs. a weekend laser peel. 

medical grade skin care products can also help with the dullness and pore size as well!

Hope this helps and God bless!

Dr. Robb

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