Is this dent on my nasal bridge an open roof deformity? (photo)

Hi I want to know what this indent is my right nasal bridge. I can feel a huge gap between my right nasal bone and the mid line septum. Also the skin feels very tight. I had a revision rhinoplasty two years ago to correct some issues from a primary rhinoplasty 7 years ago . I had a slight open roof on the left nasal bone which was palpable but not always visible so my revision surgeon agreed to re break the nasal bones again to improve this. However I have now been left with this dent

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Revision rhinoplasty can be challenging

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Revision rhinoplasty surgery can be challenging since the scar tissue and altered anatomy make the surgery more challenging. Small imperfections can be followed and any changes performed as needed.

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Don't think you have open roof deformity

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Based on your picture it is difficult to say for sure.  However, it does not seem like you have an open roof.  The invagination on the right hand side looks like the upper lateral cartilage is a bit shorter on this side.  This assessment is going to be difficult without seeing it in person and laying fingers on your nose.  I agree with one of the other surgeons with Silicone injections.

Irregularity after revision rhinoplasty

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It is difficult to say what the irregularity is due to, without knowing exactly what was done.  It would be important to know if any cartilage grafting was performed, as this may be the edge of a small graft.  Managing the irregularity may involve repostioning of the nasal bone and/or placement of small cartilage grafts.  As always, it is important to communicate your concerns to a board-certified Plastic Surgeon who has an interest in revision rhinoplasty.

You may consider a non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment to fill the indentation on the bridge of your nose.

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Small indentations may occur as swelling diminishes after revision rhinoplasty surgery. In our practice, small indentations may be filled with Silikon-1000, an off-label filler for permanent results.

Hope this helps you.

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