How do you decide between using the Mona Lisa Touch procedure and the ThermiVa treatment?

I have vaginal atrophy due to lupus but don't want the after effects of tightening of the vagina. Which procedure is better to use ? Also looking for a good and experienced doctor to do procedure.

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Vaginal atrophy

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The only procedure FDA cleared for gynecological use is the MonaLisa Touch. The technology was developed to target GSM (genitourinary syndrome of menopause) and not for cosmetic tightening. Many experts in gynecology and urogynecoligy have embraced the MonaLisa Touch to medically treat changes that often occur with the lack of estrogen as well as the condition lichen sclerosis. Since the treatment requires a set of three 5 minute sessions, six weeks apart, it is more convenient to find a MonaLisa Touch expert reasonably close to your home. Warm Regards, Jennifer Murphy, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Vaginal atrophy due to lupus or due to your treatment for lupus?

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Cyclophosphamide, a common medication for lupus, can cause premature menopause and lead to vaginal atrophy, but lupus by itself does not. The vaginal tightening effect of MonaLisa or FemiLift is marginal in comparison to the reversal of atrophy. You should be OK to proceed.

Lupus and Vaginal Atrophy

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What is missing to give a more precise answer is your age and whether you suffer from Sjogren's Syndrome, which a lot of women with Lupus also have.  Sjogren's would lead to vaginal dryness as it affects the moisture producing glands. It is worth checking your DHEA blood level because if it is low, you are not going to make enough estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone.  Diminished hormone levels can lead to vaginal atrophy.  DHEA is safe but estrogen replacement is not so safe as it can activate Lupus.  So other than using vaginal lubricants, a vaginal rejuvenation procedure makes complete sense.  The MonaLisa laser procedure is quick and virtually painless for most patients (probe insertion may be uncomfortable for some). It rejuvenates by improving blood flow, epithelial thickness, and collagen production.  You will not experience a problem with tightness.  It improves tone because it stimulates healthier tissue.  The ThermiVA uses radiofrequency and is a longer procedure that I find less appealing to most women patients compared to the MonaLisa.  I recommend that you seek out a urologist, gynecologist, or urogynecologist who specializes in urogenital problems. Patient satisfaction is very high with the MonaLisa and you have an excellent chance of being happy with the results!
Mary C. DuPont, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Mary C. DuPont, MD, FACS
Chevy Chase Physician

MonaLisa Touch vs. ThermiVa

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You are an ideal candidate for the MonaLisa Touch. The MonaLisa is best for patients who experience vaginal atrophy like yourself, while ThermiVa is best indicated for women who wish to tighten the vagina without surgery. Cheers!

Vaginal superficial gentle laser therapy.

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As a surgeon and specialist in the field,I have reserched the difference between thermal energy or Fractional CO2 Laser therapy. It appears that there is a greater patient satisfaction  and more effective therapy with the fractional CO2 Laser use.

Which treatment to use for vaginal atrophy?

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The Monalisa Touch is FDA aproved for the treatment of vaginal atrophic changes like dryness, decreased elasticity and painful intercourse. I have also seen patient improvement with mild stress urinary incontinence as well as reduction in urinary frequency. This CO2 laser helps revitalize the vaginal tissue. IT does not cause tightening. I would reccomend this proceedure for you and I hope it helps.
Leslie Kardos MD

Which treatment to use for vaginal atrophy

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The Mona Lisa is FDA approved for treating vaginal atrophy. I have not noted any great amount of tightening with the procedure but have found it well liked for symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy. Physician locations can be found on the Mona Lisa website. Be sure to have all three initial treatments at six week intervals to get the best results. Best Wishes, Maurice Vick MD

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