Correction surgery for mild ptosis. (photos)

Hello. I am a 22- year old man with what I believe to be mild ptosis on my left upper eyelid. For the moment it is only a cosmetic problem, mainly noticeable in selfies. However I also notice that this eye often feels more tired than the other, becoming more relaxed when I prop the eyelid up with a finger. It does not cut across the pupil yet. I cannot accurately say when it first appeared, as due to my young age, I failed to understand what this was caused by.

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Mild ptosis surgery

You do have mild left upper lid ptosis, which can be improved with minor ptosis adjustment using hidden inside the eyelid (posterior) approach under local anesthesia. See following video and link.

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This is very mild left upper eyelid ptosis.

A detailed consultation with an aesthetically oriented oculoplastic surgeon is appropriate.  Be aware that the amount of ptosis is small and some surgeons are not comfortable operating on such a small degree of upper eyelid ptosis.

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Droopy eyelid

It is a little difficult to diagnose perfectly from photographs. But it does appear to be a mild Ptosis. Your pupil looks large and equal to the other one so a neurologic cause such as horners syndrome would be less likely. It could be congenital or just a disinserted muscle in the eyelid.You would need to evaluated by an oculoplastic specialist to diagnose it accurately. Depending on how much it bothers you, there are several surgical procedures that can raise the eyelid.

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Mild ptosis

Thanks for your question. I think you may be right that you do have a mild degree of ptosis on the left hand side. The way to tell is to look straight into your eyes in a mirror and look at the lash position compared to the pupil. On the left side your lash seems to just touch the pupil (or limbus) and on the right it seems just above. Ptosis has a number of causes but your is most likely congenital. It may be worse when you are tired. It doesnt need correcting if it causes you no problems. If you are concerned then visit your local plastic or occuloplastic surgeon and ask what they recommend. Eye drops may help but surgery is the mainstay of treatment if needed.Hope that helps. Adam Goodwin

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