Contemplating travelling from Europe to the USA, or Dominican Republic for a BBL; surgery with good surgeons round Christmas?

Travel to States or D.R for bbl which i imagine may include lipo from several areas. It's up to a 13 hour flight which concerns me on the return due to the amount of sitting so soon after the bbl! I can stay up to 2 and a half weeks or 3 at a push, no more due to school run which also restricts me to school holidays. How long is the recommended stay and what are the chances of me getting the surgery booked with a reputable surgeon over Christmas this year? Many thanks!

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BBL and long traveling

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It is not difficult to book your surgery , as long as you contact your doctor with time. Because of the long trip , it is advisable to wait at least 24 hours from arrival before undergoing BBL. Then a minimum of 8 days in the country. during your travel you should avoid sitting for more than 2 hours.  You can purchase a soft pillow to sit on , and follow all surgeon instructions . You will be also prescribed some anti embolic treatments post op. 

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BBL & Travel

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Hello and Great Question.  I appreciate the time you are spending researching this procedure.  My name is Dr. Matthew J. Nykiel.  I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, a Fellowship Trained Cosmetic Surgeon, and a Butt Augmentation Specialist.

With my travel patients for BBL I like them in town for 1 week, I usually like my patients to not sit after a BBL (except the bathroom) for at least 1 week.  You can travel (sit after 1 week).
Best of Luck!  Please reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.

Matthew J. Nykiel, MD
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Plastic Surgery Tourism - BBL In Another Country

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The U.K. has many good plastic surgeons, some of which perform BBL. My advice to you is to have your surgery performed by a plastic surgeon in your area. This will make your aftercare and follow-up that much easier for you. You also have to think long-term, not just in terms of the actual procedure. If there is a complication, are you able to get on the plane and get to United States or to the Dominican Republic ASAP?  What if there is a complication that precludes you from flying? And you are correct to be concerned about the long flight. I don't allow any of my patients to put any pressure on the buttocks for a minimum of six weeks after BBL to get the best projection and to avoid killing the fragile fat that has been placed into the buttocks.  Furthermore, and more importantly, the risk of blood clots and pulmonary embolism is highest within the month after your surgery. A pulmonary embolism is usually fatal! Long-distance travel only increases this risk. Having BBL or any other procedure a significant distance from your home is not an ideal situation. 

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