How common is it to get an infection 8 months post op primary Rhinoplasty?

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How common is it to get an infection post op primary Rhinoplasty? Perth, Australia

Thank you for the question. Infections after rhinoplasty are very uncommon. The highest risk is usually in the early perioperative phase and your surgeon will usually cover your with antibiotics during and after the surgery. Late infections can arise and may be related to the use of permanent sutures. Permanent sutures do have an important role in rhinoplasty to shape the nose but as they are permanent there is a small risk of infection. This is usually treated by removal of the sutures. Good luck,RegardsDr Guy Watts 

Infection after rhinoplasty

Infection after rhinoplasty is fairly rare to begin with.  After 8 months, usually you are at no higher risk of nasal infection than if you had not had a rhinoplasty.  Exceptions include if sutures are placed too superficially (internally or externally), or if implants have been used.  If you have concern, definitely speak to your surgeon.  All the best!

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