Chronic Sinus Pain and Inflammation putting sever Pressure on eye causing blurred vision/dizziness

I've had sinus pain, throbbing on one side of my nose for decade,I was headbutted on the nose (septum deviated as a result) ENTs not found evidence of infection but the severe throbbing pain and pressure I have follows me blowing out, very small, but very sticky dark brown mucus, always after a cold.. I've had septoplasty which helped relieve it but after every cold it follows the same pattern for months! Could FESS or improved correction at bridge of nose (ENT onyl did nr nostril) help??

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Sinus infections after a cold.

It sounds like your colds turn into a sinus infection. A sinus CAT scan of ENT endocscopic exam only show your nose at one moment in time and are not necessarily representative of how your nose is the rest of the time. You would be reasonable to have a procedure that opens the sinuses in the uncomfortable areas at this point. The next time you are having the nasal discharge you should go to your otolaryngologist for evaluation.

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Functional endoscopic sinus surgery for chronic sinusitis

The symptoms you're describing  sound like  chronic sinusitis.  It is Important to obtain a CAT scan of your paranasal sinuses to determine whether or not there are polyps inside your sinus cavities. For more information, please see the link below

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