Do I have a chronic infection in my columella 8 months post open Rhinoplasty? There is a lump thats tender to touch but not red

I have been experiencing tenderness on one side of my columella on and off(normally when i touch it for example when itching or blowing my nose).It started at 4 months post op, continued until 6 months post op, stopped for two months and is now tender again.Why is this?And why only on one side?I cannot see my surgeon as he has been extremely unprofessional to me after posting photos of my nose on here (i have numerous cosmetic problems)+he won't let me through the door.I am upset+distressed.

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Lump on columella

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It is extremely disappointing to hear that your surgeon is refusing to see you. Unfortunately, without photos or a thorough nasal exam, it is difficult to give you a good answer. The lump may indicated a persistent suture that is irritating the overlying skin, or it may represent a displaced piece of cartilage or even simple scar tissue formation. I recommend you seek out a board certified revision rhinoplasty expert to have your nose examined, and also your faith returned in the surgical community. Good luck.

Washington DC Otolaryngologist

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