Changing your mind about your Crown, is this ok? (photos)

I had 2 Crowns, front (dark) and 1 next to it on the side (dark), both with metal inside, side 1 was awful, I went back to see principle dentist as wasnt happy, hes had the side 1 redone using Emax? which i'm having done at 5pm today, but since putting the new temp on the side tooth i'm really not comfy with the FRONT tooth, it feels a bit too big, bulges at the front, a lump on the back, can I ask for that to be redone using Emax even though I previously said I was ok with that front tooth?

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If unhappy, tell your dentist before the crown is cemented ... #DrSarahThompson

I would recommend asking the dentist to let you try the tooth in first.  He should not have a problem with that. Usually remaking a crown before cementation is not a huge problem for the dentist.  It is just important that you let him know your concerns.  I hope this helps and you can click save under my name if you have more questions you'd like me to answer.  

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