Car accident and breast impants

I was involved in a small car accident thankfully no was hurt badly.i had sore back,neck and arm and have some nerve damage.after a few days I was experiencing pain in my left boob,I do have implants.also the pain is getting worse and one of my boobs look higher than the other.could the crash of caused this?I am really starting to get worried as it wasn't as obvious at the time.the accident took place on June the 3rd and we're now in the start of September.

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Car accident and breast impants

The car accident may have caused the pain you are experiencing. This could be caused by several factors, such as hematoma, or a tear in the implant itself. 

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Trauma After Breast Aug

Thanks for your question -You should be evaluated.Change in shape after breast augmentation and trauma can be one of several things -
Hematoma (a collection of blood around the implant or soft tissue)
Tear in the implant capsule
Rupture of the implantIt could also be things that will get better on their own like muscle swelling -An evaluation is key.
Good luck!

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Car crash

It is obviously difficult to be specific without seeing you in person but you certainly possible for breadth implants to be damaged in a road traffic accident. I would suggest you return to see your original surgeon who will be able to explain potential investigations. Failing that, try and find a reputable surgeon in your area who can advise you.

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