Can a butt crease be created when you hardly have one?

Can surgeons create a butt crease during a BBL procedure? & how is it created?

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Can a butt crease be created when you hardly have one?

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well... this condition can appear with an amount of time necessary to be seeing after volume and given shape.

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Butt crease & BBL

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Thank you very much for this question.

A crease can appear with time after major anatomical changes such as added volume and its distribution.

If the crease is your only target I am not aware of any technique to achieve that without changing shape and volume of your buttock.

Each case is different and I would recommend to discuss your expectation with a plastic surgeon with an obvious interest in buttock surgery.

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Buttock shaping

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This question is difficult to answer without pictures. I recommend seeking a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon for an examination in person to determine which procedure will work for you. Creation of a buttock crease is complex. 

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Creating A Butt Crease With A Brazilian Butt Lift

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Creation of a buttocks crease would depend on your current anatomy. Without photos, this question is impossible to answer.

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