Butt implants in Europe?

Hey there I'm based in London UK and am looking for bum implants. I don't really want to travel to the USA. Are there any really experienced doctors in Europe?

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Butt implants

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Butt implants must be performed appropriately the first time as revisions are complicated and may require multiple surgeries to get it right. With over 10 years of experience, we have not observed any infections to date which would necessitate removal of impalnts.

Buttock implants in Europe?

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Surgical prices vary by region, surgeon reputation, and surgical experience.  Keep in mind however that very few plastic surgeon truly specialize in buttock implants and the first time around has the absolute best chance for aesthetic success. Revision  for botch-jobs are not only very expensive but extremely challenging to achieve at least a good, not great, final outcome. For this reason, I literally have at least 60% of my patients fly in from other states or other countries as far as the Canada, UK, Holland, Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc.  Glad to help. 

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