Will getting a brow bone reduction/brow bossing affect an existing hair transplant?

I have been wanting to get my brow bone reduced for a while now but I have been worried about the outcome. Brief outline. I had FUE hair transplant in 2014 to correct a receding hairline where i filled in my temples and hairline (abut 200-2500 grafts). However I want to get another one this year to lower my hairline and create a more feminine hairline. Can i get my hair transplant before brow bone reduction, as it is much more convenient for me at the moment!

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Forehead bone surgery

Forehead bone surgery will not impact the transplant you had done in the past. You can certainly get another hair transplant after the bone surgery

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Timing of hair transplant

It makes sense to have the hair transplant first. It would not interfere with a later brow bone reduction and it takes a while for the hair to grow out to a feminine length. 

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
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