Does the Lip Lift procedure show my upper teeth? (photo)

I am 25 years old woman. my lip is very dropped. it always was like that. 1ml of Swiss Kiss in May 2013 to my upper lip (the lower lip is my natural). My natural upper lip is straight and flat. My question is: How many millimeters (3 or 5mm) Doctor need to remove to show my lift exacty as I showed at pictures? And is it possible? My actual distance between cupid bow and nose is 18mm. I really would like to see my teeth and don't look like a very tired person when I genty open my mouth :)

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Does the Lip Lift procedure show my upper teeth? (photo)

You have beautiful full lips and I would hesitate to recommend a lip shortening procedure. Often if your upper teeth aren't visible in repose, this can be a sign of your maxilla bone being too short, and you may actually consider dental surgery as opposed to lip surgery. Also realize there are plenty of people considered 'beautiful' who have no upper tooth show in repose. My advice would be to see a surgeon who performs cephalometrics.   

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