Breathing Issues Since Rhinoplasty?

I underwent a Rhinoplasty nearly 3 years ago and have had breathing problems in both sides of my nose ever since and i never had any breathing issues prior to this operation My Rhinoplasty was only to have a large hump taken down and have been left with a pinched and narrow nose Nasal Sprays Have not worked and I have been able at times to relieve my symptoms with Breathe Right strips Can nasal valve repair help someone like me who does not have relief from Breathe Right strips all of the time?

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Closed rhinoplasty

Based on what you are describing, I think you must have undergone a closed (reduction) rhinoplasty with removal of cartilage and therefore loss of support to the nasal vault.  Certainly, if you used to be able to breathe better, this can be made better with corrective surgery. 

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