Will my breasts even out? (Photo)

I am only 9 days post op l. I had 290cc anatomical implants placed under the muscle. I feel as though my right breast is significantly larger and more rounder than my right. My right breast was very slightly bigger pre op but not as noticeable as now. The right breast is also quite firm and hard whereas the left is softer. Could it be the right is still slightly swollen? I really hope they even out a little! Thanks in advance for your kind responses!

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Will my breasts even out?

It certainly could be due to swelling.  You did have a slightly larger breast on the right before surgery, and this will likely persist to some extent after surgery.  Typically the size difference will be improved after surgery, although never perfectly so.  It's still early, you can expect some change in the next 3-6 months. Recommend follow up with your surgeon.

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You definitely could still be swollen only 9 days after surgery.  Swelling may last for months and account for asymmetry.  If the right is more firm, then that is a sign more swelling is present.  Also, if your right breast was larger before the operation, then it will be larger after the operation, assuming the same size implants were used.

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