Should my breasts look so bad after having an expander in and replacement implant? 10 days post op. (photos)

I had left side mastectomy 4 years ago followed by chemo radio. An expander was put in think 500ml left for 8 months. Had an implant put in one week ago 450ml. Had right side mastectomy with implant put in straight away 14 months ago. My breast are no where near the same size is able to be sorted with fat putting in or is it a really bad match on implants. Origionally they said the were going to use a fat flap from stomach on left hand side but changed their mind and used an implant.

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Breast reconstruction after radiotherapy...

You are still at the very early postoperative period and it takes time the implants to settle. Radiotherapy influences the final result, especially when implants are used compared to autologous tissue. Be patient and good luck to your breast reconstruction journey!

Greece Plastic Surgeon
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DIEP flap?

Thank you for your question and for posting your photos.  Although I do not specialise in Breast reconstruction I do think that the symmetry between your breasts could be improved.

It might be worth asking your Surgeon about a DIEP flap.  This is one of the best ways achieving a natural breast shape without implants.  The tissue is taken from your tummy and provides a long term natural solution with improved symmetry.

Good luck with whatever option you decide to proceed with

Adrian Richards, MD
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Breast reconstruction

it looks like you have the a result which is predictble and can be blamed on scar and radiation effect. I think you have scar contracture which is why you get the double bubble effect,  you have a slightly ptotic result on the right side which is well done. you will not ever get that type of result on the left without bringing in some nonradiated tissue from somewhere else  like a tram or a lat flap

Jonathan Saunders, MD
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Radiation can be difficult

Dear Daisy,

Congratulations on beating cancer! You are only 10 days post-op and the implant will take time to settle. Because your left side was radiated and a skin sparing (versus nipple sparing) mastectomy was performed, there will be inherent asymmetries that will be hard to fix. However, with time and touch-up surgery, I have faith that your doctors will be able to achieve a cosmetic result that pleases you. I wish you the best.


Jonathan Zelken, MD
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Breast reconstruction

The problem that you have is the transverse scar that extends across your chest and unto your back; it is causing a tethering (constricting) effect so that the expander/implant has no room to expand and assume a better shape. You may have to consider an autologous( your own tissue) reconstruction. Hope this helps.
Norman G. Morison MD, FACS

Norman G. Morrison, MD, FACS
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