Can breasts following a BA ever be massaged vigorously during sex again?

I'm 8 weeks post op with no issues to date. During sex my breasts were massaged a little vigorously as it felt ok at the time. Now they feel a bit uncomfortable . Can I cause them damage and does having a BA mean only ever gentle massage from now on?

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Can breasts following a BA ever be massaged vigorously during sex again?

Thank you for your question.  I would suggest that you see plastic surgeon for an examination to make certain that no damage is done.

I doubt to have done serious damage.  However have seen patients who have had muscle injury or tearing with submuscular implants and very aggressive compression during sex.

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Once everything has settled down and you are fully recovered, all activities are available including athletic sports, contact sports and sexual activity. However, it is very important that you get clear guidance from your surgeon as there are a number of different techniques with this operation and it greatly influences how are you should recover.  Round implants are managed very differently from anatomical (teardrop) ones and you should have this difference explained to you very clearly.  Are you guided by your surgeon and listen to your body! 

James Murphy, FRCS(Plast)
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Can breasts following a BA ever be massaged vigorously during sex again?

Yes,  in the long term, patients are able to return to all types of "vigorous" activity, including athletic and sexual activity.  This needs to be done on a gradual basis; I ask patients to "listen to their bodies" and proceed cautiously.  Again, in the long term, you should be just fine.  Best wishes.

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It may be a bit of swelling or muscle pull.  It is unlikely you will damage them from manipulation you described. However, if they look different then you may need a follow up with your PS. Exercising to your comfort level is advised.  Thank you

Samir R. Shah, MD, FACS
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