Breastfeed daily for 4 years! Will I get the results I want with 350cc and NO lift?! (photos)

Pre breastfeeding I wore a 30E, I went up to a 32GG then shrunk to a tiny 30A. I want high profile sub glandular silicone implants as I like the fake look, ideally a 30F minimum. My surgeon suggested trying between 325cc to 400cc, although said I could take a larger implant with a breast width of 14.5'' Should I opt for larger to get the results I want? I was told there's no need for a lift, from my picture would you recommend one? I'm a UK size 4/6 Height 5'1 Weight 100Ibs Back size 28/30

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Thank you for your question and photos. Your goals seem reasonable given the information you've provided except that a 14.5 cm breast width is highly unlikely given your other measurements. I recommend that you try o n the implant sizes your Plastic Surgeon has recommended with a form-fitting T-shirt in orer to get a feel for how they will look. You may want to seek a second opinion and measurements with another board certified Plastic Surgeon as well.
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