Breast uplift with implant lolly pop incision 2 weeks 3 days post. (photos)

I had 425cc in left breast and 450cc in right breast it's is this breast that the incision has just started to leek a light blood colour this breast still must larger swelled than my right. I still get niggles in breast esp the right one is this normal at this stage?? I did not have stero strips on mine clean and dress with 2 x antibotic liquid and cream. I travelled to turkey for my surgery so there for the aftercare is mainly left to me. Will both breasr be similar in size after 12wksThank you

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Surgery Abroad

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I am sorry to hear of your problems. I would contact your PS in Turkey and ask them whether they have any arrangements in the UK for you to be seen by a PS. It is incorrect that aftercare should be left to you. Aftercare is an essential part of every plastic surgery procedure.You may have a collection which may need to be drained and you need a face to face consultation. 

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