Can a breast uplift and augmentation A/B to a full B/small C be performed at the same time? (Photo)

I have just come back from a consultation regarding breast augmentation, however I have been told that I need two procedures, a mastopexy first as breasts are "slightly tuberous, too low, one is higher than the other and and one is slightly larger than the other", the uplift alone is £5570, I am a student and worked hard to save up for the money for breast implants, is possible to have a lift and implants during the same procedure, or even better implants alone judging my breasts,

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Breast lift and augmentation procedures combined

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Thank you for your question. It is fine to get more than one consultation. Many plastic surgeons do these procedures together. Doing the procedures together allows for just one recovery period and saves on cost.  I hope all goes well for you.Best wishes,Dr. Marcus Peterson

Saint George Plastic Surgeon

Constricted breast deformity

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Thank you for your question. The short answer is yes. Reviewing your photos, you do have constricted breast deformity as well as a significant distance between your breasts. I have found in my practice that the ideal way to correct your deformity and to provide you with a nicer size and shape is to proceed with a mastopexy and augmentation in a single operation. Good luck!!

Eric E. Wegener, MD
Jackson Plastic Surgeon

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