Breast reduction possible for flat chest? (Photo)

I am a gender fluid individual who is comfortable with a female identity but I have never been comfortable with my breasts. I've binded all my life but recently I have become more invested in the idea of surgery to free me of a life of binders. I would not want a FTM chest reconstruction and would like to retain some feminine aspects of my chest but would ideally seek a figure retaining my nipples but being as flat as possible. Would I be viable for keyhole surgery or are my breasts too big?

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Breast reduction possible for flat chest?

The best place for you to start, is to find a #Board Certified #plastic surgeon in your area. They will be able to consult with you to determine your needs based on your anticipated outcome. Ultimately the size you choose to reduce your breast to, is up to you and your surgeon. However, if you are removing enough breast tissue to decrease your cup size several sizes, you should notice a significant difference. One thing to keep in mind is that any fluctuations in weight can change breast tissue size, even after #breast reduction surgery. Be very clear about what your goal is. Sample pictures may be very helpful. If you do consent to surgery, make sure that you are comfortable with the surgeon you have selected and that all of your concerns have been addressed to your satisfaction. Congratulations on your decision and good luck!

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Breast reduction possible for flat chest?

Breast reduction surgery is certainly possible; key will be careful selection of plastic surgeon and careful communication of goals.  For example, be careful about communicating with terms such as "keyhole  surgery"; this term may mean different things to you as opposed to your plastic surgeon.  Communicating with the help of goal photos may be very helpful. Of course, one of the main considerations will be the presence (and acceptance) of scarring. Best wishes.

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