Breast implants 6 years ago, suspected seroma.

I have seen a PS who said I have fluid around implant which should resolve itsself if I take anti inflammatories. I've also seen my gp who has ordered a ultrasound scan. If it's capsular contraction or something else will that be detectable on the ultrasound or will it just show fluid? Also first thing in a morning the breast feels strange like fluid inside but as the day goes on it is less noticeable? Is this normally what happens with late Seroma?

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I believe that the US is the correct approach and I would recommend that some of the fluid is aspirated with a needle and analysed.The US alone will not tell you about capsular contracture and this should be discussed with a board certified plastic surgeon.If your symptoms persist or progress you might have to consider further surgery.With best regards,

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Late seroma

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Hi. If indeed you have a late seroma (fluid around the implant), then my advice would be to establish a cause. This may involve the radiologist drawing off some fluid under ultrasound guidance and sending this off for analysis, looking at the cells within the fluid, as well as any markers of infection.

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