Breast implants - 1yr post op - extreme asymmetry, rippling and implants visible through skin (Photo)

High cohesive anatomic shape, 420cc in left and 475cc in the right. Over the muscle. I love the size of them I'm just concerned about the assymmetry. I feel the right breast droops a lot and the left is extremely perky, it has always been like this before surgery. Visibility of the implant through my skin is concerning. I train hard at the gym could this be making it worse? I also would have preferred a more round shape, can anybody advise what can be done to perfect the issues I've listed

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Asymmetric Breast

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Hello and thank you for reaching out. From the photos you have provided I can see the wrinkling that you are talking about, although the "perkier" breast is harder to visualize. Has there been a fluctuation in weight lately? That is one possible reason that you would see wrinkling of an implant. I would recommend scheduling a follow up visit with your surgeon and review these concerns with him or her. Best Wishes.

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