Breast implant rupture into lymph glands - explant required asap - please recommend best UK surgeon to do this?

I had implants (under pectorals) in 2005 then a re-do in 2006 due to encapsulation. I had no probs until 2 weeks ago when I got a sharp pain and found a lump. A mammogram and ct scan revealed one of my implants has ruptured and is leaking. The lump I found is silicone in my lymp gland. The NHS doc advised that I should have a removal including the lymph gland. I would like a surgeon who is an expert on doing this operation please?

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Ruptured implant with lymph node in the armpit

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Hello sjf, I am sorry to hear about your problems.  You have been unlucky in getting a capsular contracture in a year and now having a rupture.  It is reasonable to remove your ruptured implant although I often leave the lymph nodes in the armpit unless they are causing problems but this is really something to go through with your surgeon.  

Surgeons in the NHS are normal well trained and so I would hope that they would look after you.  Good luck.

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