I'm 30 years old, 174cm tall, 75kg. Would you recommend me Breast implant or only lift? (photos)

Hi I am 30 years old, 174cm tall, 75kg. Was breastfeeding my boy for 2,6 years and left with sagging brest, lost a lot of volume. I am ready for surgery to sort it out but my question is would this situation be sorted with implants only? Really don't won't breast lift operation, so wandering if I could have some profession opinions. I am living in London and searching for good doctor I can do operation with. Thanking you in advance for your attention and information!

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Augmentation or augmentation mastopexy?

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From your pictures, it would appear that you would need an augmentation as well as a lift.  Your breast tissue has shifted to the lower part of your breast, causing you to have skin on skin contact.  A mastopexy will help redistribute that tissue and tighten the lower pole so that it does not sag over your chest wall.  Another option to fill in the upper part of your breast would be to add some of your own fat to smooth the transition between your chest wall and the implant.  I would recommend that you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

Breast lift vs breast implants

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Breast implants make breasts fuller, but do not lift the breasts. You might be a candidate for an augmentation mammoplasty 

Michael Law, MD
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Breast uplift alone or breast uplift with implants?

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Thank you very much for your enquiry. The best operation for you really depends on the look you wish for.

You do look quite empty in the top of your bust and your nipples are in a slightly low position, lying slightly below the infra-mammary fold.

I think your options lie between a breast uplift and a breast uplift combined with a breast augmentation.

I think that a breast uplift alone would not give you sufficient volume in the upper part of your breast and my preference would be to perform a dual plane partial sub-muscular breast implant with a vertical scar uplift.

I think you would get a very good result following this and it would have the benefit of increasing the volume of the bust and tightening the skin, reducing the width of your areolas and giving you a breast shape more in keeping with your overall physique.

It might be worthwhile having a look at our website: aurora-clinics.co.uk which has lots of information about this procedure including videos of me performing the operation itself.

Best wishes and good luck with your surgery if you decide to go ahead.


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It depends a lot on your goals. In my experience, once the options are presented/shown to patients such as you, they more often choose to proceed with the lift as well. With only implants - at best - your breast and nipple will still be rather low on your chest and possibly even "sliding off" the implant a bit as well. If you want the nipple higher and more upper pole fullness, give serious consideration to a lift as well. Also, I would recommend silicone gel as you have very little tissue cover for the implant.

Breast Augmentation after Nursing

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Looking at your pictures, it does not appear that you have enough breast tissue to perform a breast lift alone. You will definitely need an implant and likely a breast lift as well. Oftentimes, a breast augmentation is combined with a breast lift in order to address both the lost breast volume as well as the excess breast skin and enlarged areoalae. The extra scars that are required by a breast lift are usually quite worth the superior result you will obtain. Depending on your desired breast size, as well as the thickness of your tissues and skin will help determine which exact operation is best for you. Speak with your board certified plastic surgeon and they can better guide you after examining you in person. Good Luck!

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