My right breast is hard, high and looks smaller 5 weeks post op donut lift and implants under muscle? (Photos)

I had breast lift (periareolar) and 515 cc textured nagor implants on the 15th sep 2016 (5weeks post op). My right breast was swollen and always the most painful breast. The swelling seems to have gone, but it's sitting high and looks small. It doesn't cramp like it did and I feel that it's never going to drop and look life my left breast. Iv waited years for breast implants and this is severely depressing me. Please someone look at them and tell me what to do Also I'm wearing a compression band

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Mastopexy implant

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Thank you for sharing your postop photos. To have an informed opinion you need to post your preop photos for comparison. It is still early postop and things will continue to settle. It is likely that the right implant will drop with time and it will take 3-6 months before you can truly assess the result. Keep in touch with your PS esp regarding the compression band.

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My right breast is hard, high and looks smaller 5 weeks post op donut lift and implants under muscle?

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Thank you for your question. You are still early in recovery  and your breasts will continue to change.  I would wait 3 months before evaluating whether any revision is necessary.

Please check your preoperative photos.  My suspicion is that the left breast was lower  preop and if it was the implants tend to drop faster on the breast that was lower or larger.

Please follow closely with your plastic surgeon.  If after 6 months the left side is still much lower a revision of the lift on the left sidemay be possible


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You are in your early post operative phase after your breast implant surgery.  It is normal for your implants to settle in an asymmetrical fashion.  Over time, they will even out to the extent of your pre-existing anatomy.

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