Breast enlargement problems (Photo)

I'm just wondering as I'm booking in with my surgeon what you think this could be my right breast implant is going down by the day and my left is still quite hard, I am a year and a month post op and I have just been told to wait a year, I have told my surgeon from the moment I woke up from surgery that I was not happy with the size I'm not sure on what legal proceedings I can take as he changed his mind right before surgery on what size I am just need some help and opinions many thanks

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Breast enlargement problems

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Thank you for your question and photo, 
1. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experiance2. As you said that it is over a year now that you had your surgery, in this situation the best is to talk with your surgeon about your concerns and ask why you changed the size during operation the might be a reason for this.  3. Consult a Plastic Surgeon in your area for the posibility of having a secondary Rhinoplasty to correct the size of your implants.

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