Breast enhancement at 18?

Hi. Im 18 and really looking into getting my breasts enlarged but worried about my situation. A lot of people have told me that my breasts still have time to develop, or that they may grow when I have children etc. Is this true?? Otherwise I will continue with the surgery Thanks Naomi

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Breast augmentation at age 18?

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Your question is a good one.  Breasts are known to sometimes develop or continue developing until about age 24.  It's fair to say that if you haven't noted recent changes in breast size you're unlikely to develop significantly more although a small chance remains.  Certainly pregnancies affect breasts differently and unpredicatably though in my experience the majority of women return to their previous or smaller size with some post pregnancy skin laxity.  There are exceptions however so you need to discuss in detail your choices with an ABPS Bd Certified surgeon so you can make the best choice.  I'm pleased by your mature attitude btw.  Best regards and good luck.

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Talk about the pros and cons of having surgery with a suitably trained plastic surgeon.

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Hi Naomi,  You should find a suitably trained plastic surgeon and have a good discussion about the issues around having implants at a young age.  You will have an idea yourself about whether your breasts are still growing or if things have plateaued.

You should be aware that if you have children in the future or if your weight fluctuates, then the size and shape of your breasts will change and this may mean that you could need further surgery.

There are also risks in having implants because they can go hard in the future (capsular contracture) and this may require further surgery in the years to come, although you could consider polyurethane foam implants, which have a lower rate of capsular contracture.

Feel free to register for my webinar through my website where I talk about some of the issues with breast implants.

Breast augmetation at age of 18

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Breast may grow till age of 22 in normal circumstances. So it is better to avoid breast implant surgery till 22 . 

But if you are sure breast is not increasing size and you are very kin  than take decision

 please discuss with plastic surgeon in detail

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Breast Augmentation

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If you are unsure whether you have stopped growing, you may want to wait another year or two. I recommend that you discuss this with your Plastic Surgeon and work on a plan that suits your needs.

All the best

Breast augmentation for an 18 year old woman

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At the age of 18, your breasts are almost fully developed.  Nonetheless, it may slightly continue developing until you reach your mid twenties.

Assuming that you are healthy and have realistic goals and expectations, you may proceed with the surgery.  However, your only option will be saline implants since silicone implants require that you are at least 22 years old. 

Find a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs breast augmentation on a routine basis.  He can help you make an educated decision. 

Good luck and best wishes. 

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Breast development beyond age 18

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Your breasts may still develop beyond age 18. It may be a good idea to talk to older female relatives to get an idea how their development proceeded. Physiological events such as puberty and pregnancy will definitely alter your breasts. Even after implants your breasts will change. One out of four women will have surgery on their breasts after breast augmention. These surgeries include breast implant size change, breast lift, and removal of capsules and implants. Visit with your plastic surgeon for more details. 

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Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for your question. You may still continue to develop for the next few years, but most women are fully developed by the age of eighteen. I recommend you see a board certified plastic surgeon  to discuss your options. Best of luck!

Still Developing

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Thanks for your question.  At 18 you still may be developing a bit.  Some say that development continues for some people into their early 20s.  I would recommend finding a board certified plastic surgeon to start discussing what works best for your goals and your body. 

Wishing you all the best,

Steven Camp MD

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Your breast may develop some, but you will have to decide if they will develop enough for your satisfaction.  

It is fine to give it some time and due your research.

Breast enhancement at 18?

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You are not necessarily too young to undergo breast augmentation surgery. In my practice, I individualize recommendations after in office evaluation of patients' history and physical, maturity levels, motivation, and evaluation of the young ladies' understanding of potential risks/complications associated with breast surgery. Generally speaking, again, best to achieve a level of physical, emotional, and financial “stable state” prior to considering elective plastic surgery. Best wishes.

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