Breast augmentation and cabin crew training?

I need advice! Cabin crew training for 6 weeks being very intense would just under 3 weeks be enough time to start this or should I post pone? I'd also have to be swimming and doing a lot of emergency drills I want opinions from as much surgeons as possible please

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Cabin crew training after BBA

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Swimming and emergency drills are not a great idea just 3 weeks after a breast augmentation. I usually recommend 6 weeks before any upper body physical exercise. Having said that I have had a couple of patients who I have seen at 6 weeks who then admitted to me that they have returned to very physical activities after just 2 weeks, and they were fine. If your surgeon is using textured implants, above the muscles and you wear a well fitting post-op/sport bra, then chances of them moving are much less. Smooth implants or under the muscles then the chances are much higher.

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Breast augmentation and cabin crew training?

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It is better to postpone your surgery. It is not advisable to do heavy work on the upper region of your body just a few weeks after a breast augmentation. You should expect swelling, bruising and shooting pains after a breast augmentation procedure. Doing your training could lead to serious health issues just three weeks after your breast augmentation. The usual healing time for a breast augmentation procedure is around six months.

Charles Nduka, MD
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Recovery Time Necessary After Breast Augmentation

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Thank you very much for your question. Breast augmentation patients should avoid strenuous activity, exercise, and heavy lifting for four to six weeks following their surgery. Unfortunately, with only three weeks of recovery before cabin crew training begins, you will not have much time to heal. I recommend that you schedule a breast augmentation consultation with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your timeline. After a physical exam and a review of your medical history, he/she can help you decide the best time to schedule breast augmentation. 

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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BA recovery

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Discuss your schedule with your chosen surgeon to get their take on what you want to do. It sounds pretty ambitious to me and you would probably be safest to postpone your procedure until when you have ample time for recovery.

Exercise after breast augmentation

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Three weeks is not enough...! It takes about 10 days to two weeks for your external wounds to heal. It takes about 6 weeks for the internal capsule around the implant to form so that the implant is secure in its position and does not move around. Sorry to diassapoint you, but I would not advise intense activity at three weeks. Finish your training, come to Yorkshire to have a relaxing holiday and I will sort things out for you :)

Breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question.

It is important for you to consult with your surgeon about any questions or concerns you may have seeing as every surgeon has a slightly different post-operative protocol. 
I don’t recommend my patients engaging in any activities that include weight bearing or resistance before 6 weeks. I would recommend taking more time off work/training if possible or limiting your duties until you are at least 6 weeks into your recovery. I hope this helps.
Best of luck in your recovery!

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Postoperative recovery

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Thank you for your question.  I always recommend that my breast augmentation patient's refrain from any heavy lifting or heavy physical exercise or training for 6 weeks postoperatively.  Every surgeon has a different protocol but 3 weeks is probably not realistic to return to such intense training. I would consider postponing your surgery.

James Shoukas, MD
Lake Mary Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation and cabin crew training?

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Thank you for the question. Long-term patients who undergo breast augmentation surgery (barring any complications) should be able to return to all activities with full strength.  However, returning to very strenuous activity/training three weeks after surgery is not a good idea in my opinion.   I would suggest that you postpone surgery.

Timing to return to specific types of exercise will vary from one patient to another. Best to check with your plastic surgeon for specific advice. Generally, I suggest patients gradually ease back into the strenuous aerobic exercise 4 to 6 weeks postoperatively, assuming that they are doing well and there have been no complications. Lower body exercise can generally be resumed 2 weeks postoperatively. Use common sense, listen to your body, and gradually resume previous activity. In my practice, I ask patients to avoid contact and strenuous exercise involving the pectoralis major muscles ( such as push-ups, bench press, burpees, dancing on a pole…) for at least 3-6 months. 

You may find the attached link/video helpful to you. Best wishes.

Check with your surgeon

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I would say no, but check with your surgeon.  Certainly, in my view, I would not recommend these activities after submuscular augmentation.

Ethan Philpott, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Your surgeon will give you better advice than us

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Hello Ann, I would say that the advice of your surgeon would be more useful than getting as many surgeons to comment on here.  However, you should be feeling quite well at 3 weeks, but I am not sure if intense training is such a good idea, so if you could postpone it, then that might be the best thing to do.

It can be helpful to speak with previous patients, so ask you surgeon if he or she has anyone in a similar situation (ie cabin crew) that they may have operated on who could give you advice.  Good luck.

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