How much Botox should be used to lift or drop an eyebrow and where exactly should it be injected? (photos)

I have one eyebrow that has become "stuck" in a raised position and the other drooping. I have had Botox twice and this has got rid of my "angry 11s" but left my eyebrows unaffected. I don't want them higher than they have been in the past so ideally I think one needs to be raised just slightly along its length and the other dropped slightly, particularly in the inner corner (as in near to the nose). Could you please advise give specific advice as I think this is an unusual request for her.

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Botox and Brow Lift

Botox can be safely used for a "brow lift".  I usually inject 2 units above the brow after the glabella is done.  You can safely correct asymmetries as well with Botox. Best, Dr. Green

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Botox and brow symmetry

I would inject a reduced dose of botox in the typical areas of the global. I would intentionally raise the points higher on the right brow to purposely allow diffusion into the frontalis muscle which will allow descent of the right brow.  Depending on her frontalis action, I May inject  one unit in the higher frontalis region on both sides to prevent peaking of the lateral brow.  Best of luck.

T.G. Khan, DO, FACS
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Asymmetrical brows

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I inject  right in the brow itself on the side which you want to be elevated and initially not more than 2 units !

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J Tahery
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Changing Brow Asymmetry

The note below should be performed if the picture above is a photo where all of your Botox has worn off, or if you are greater than two weeks out from your Botox.  In other words, timing is everything, and we have to know where it is you started.  Continually "chasing" Botox errors is difficult, and rarely leads to lasting satisfying results.  Sometimes, it is better to let everything wear off, and start anew.  

The brow muscles are roughly divided into muscle that lower (depressors) and muscles that raise (elevators). For the photos you showed, we would leave a small amount more medial depressor movement in the right inner side placed in the corrugated supercilii muscle.  We would then place a small amount just over that area in the frontal muscle to stop elevation.  On the left side, we would do the opposite, place more in the depressor, and less, if not any, in the medial frontalis.   This would give us unopposed elevation for the left medial brow.

Jesse E. Smith, MD, FACS
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