What can I do about my all over body sweating? Hyperhidrosis

Since I can remember, I've always suffered from sweating. My father as well sweats a lot. I am an 18 year old girl. It is ridiculously embarrassing - I can walk just to town from my house in cold or pleasant weather and have sweat stains. I sweat everywhere, but mainly from my armpits, face, head, back and neck. It's mortifying. I can be just sitting still and have sweat from armpits. The slightest physical activity makes me sweat a pool. Please help as to why this is and what can be done?

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Generalized hyperhidrosis treatment

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The best treatment for idiopathic generalized hyperhidrosis, i.e. not related to underlying metabolic or endocrine disease, is the use of anticholinergics.

H Karamanoukian MD FACS

Difficult to treat, see below for answers

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Firstly, I think you should see a General Dermatologist to do some tests, it sounds like you have a genetic history for sweating, but other secondary causes need to be excluded. Then prioritise your areas. In Australia BOTOX for underarm sweating is subsidised by the Government, in the UK, the NHS gives an allocation (limited) for your draining area. This can at least take care of your underarm sweating. If extra Botox is available this can be used for you face and scalp. For more information, goto sweatfree.com.au   I wrote that site a few years ago as a portal for HH patients. All the best Dr Davin Lim, Brisbane. Australia. 

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