Lower Blepharoplasty - muscle injury (Photo)

I have 3 balls connected by sinew in the lower bag space, evident immediately after surgery. The balls/sinew run from one corner of the eye to the other. with this is retraction and loss of elasticity of the lid. I am now 6 weeks post surgery. Constant daily massage has not affected the size/placement of balls although have helped the retraction (somewhat). My surgeon has no idea what the balls are. I see him again at 9 weeks. how do we fix this, as I now still have a bag caused by the balls?

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Your eyelids can be fixed.

This is a nightmare.  I am so sorry that what was supposed to be a wonderful experience has turned out this way.  I am concerned that the nodules could represent a low grade infection.  I encourage you to get a second opinion from a fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon who is not invested in this surgery.  You need to heal for many months before reconstructive surgery is a consideration.  However it may be necessary to biopsy one of the nodules.  This could represent a chronic infection like atypical mycobacterium.  It could also simply be inflammation but I would consider emperical antibiotics for this.  The massage is not likely to help these eyelids and may be causing inflammation.  Download my free ebook which discusses how these eyelids are repaired.

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Lower blepharoplasty complications, asymmetry, vision impairment, skeltonization

The cause of your preoperative deformity was a genetic too large Orbit which caused a fat herniation from inside the Orbit. 

The skin and fat removal by a classical lower lid Blepharoplasty do not solve the problem and open the door to a lot of complication as lumps and scleral show!

Stem cells injection could repair and cure the genetic deformity.

Roger Amar, MD
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Revision lower eyelid retraction surgery after lower blepharoplasty

Give it another 2 months. If no improvement, see an oculoplastic specialist for possible treatment. See link below too.

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Fibrosis and scarring.

I am sorry that you are having these problems. The first thing I would say is that or someone of your age, it would be very unusual to have an anterior approach blepharoplasty, this is almost always done through the back of the eyelid without leaving any skin scars allowing for a reduced risk and complication profile. This makes me wonder whether there is something unusual that the surgeon may have seen or done.The lumps are likely to be areas of fat fibrosis, and we do rarely see the eye socket fat clumping together in nodules which are often quite hard. These seldom persist for so long. I would consider a steroid injection into the lumps sooner rather than later at this point, but this must be done judiciously as excess steroid can actually lead to fat necrosis.  Discuss these options with your surgeon. I think you need to see an oculoplastics specialist if you are not getting any improvement.Best of luck with your further treatment.

Daniel Ezra, MD, FRCS
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