How dangerous are BBL's? Has it ever resulted in death?

Hi I am getting a bbl in a couple of months and starting to get nervous, how dangerous are bbl's and has it ever resulted in death, what is the likely hood? What do you recommend to calm my nerves?

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How dangerous is a BBL?

I understand that you are nervous about a BBL simply because you've never had one. It you are otherwise in excellent health then this should be a safe procedure. To illustrate this point, you're probably not nervous when you drive a car yet are not worried about the possibility of crashing. That is because it is not a new experience and the likelihood is very low.

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How dangerous are BBL's? Has it ever resulted in death?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well... Actually every surgical procedure has it's own risks and complications. One of the most complications that can happen after this procedure is the fat rejection, some patients reject the fat that is injected, which turns into an infection most of the times. You have to treat it immediately with antibiotics. 

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