Very bad results- how to fix it? (Photo)

Hello, I had my surgery in April. My surgeon put 285 under muscle. On the same day when I had the surgery, I was bleeding from my right boob so I had to go back to the hospital to have another surgery. My boobs looks so bad now. What should I do now? Why my right boob is smaller if they put the same size of implants? How can I fix it? I have also noticed more moles on my skin since I had my surgery, not sure if it is something to do with my surgery (e.g. bacterial infection). Thank you very much.

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Smaller right breast

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Thanks for you question. It sounds like you had a haematoma (bleed) around the implant on the right which was washed out. Usually the same implant is then re-inserted. If not then one of the same size would have been inserted, so it is very unlikely that you have different sized implants in. Your surgeon will know all the details, so you should contact them regarding this. Regarding the moles, I have never come across anyone becoming more mole-y after a BBA, or from a bacterial infection (which it doesn't sound like you had, you had a haematoma/bleed). However your skin will be more stretched, and parts of your breasts more visible to you now, so you may notice existing moles more easily. Have you got any preop photos to see if the moles were already there?

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Breast asymmetry post augmenation

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Hi - your breasts do look different to one another.  From the photo it is difficult to say exactly what is causing the asymmetry.  There can be many causes for this and I would suggest you return to see your surgeon for an assessment.  The fold on the left side looks as though it is sitting lower than the right side but this may just be the angle of the photo.

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