It is possible for a B-Lite implant to be inserted using the Keller Funnel with the axillary incision?

I am a flat 32A and would like to be a full 32A.

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B-lite implant - breast augmentation

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B-lite implants are inserted the same way other implants inserted as well. It seems that you are not looking for a major enhancement. Discuss the surgical approaches and your preferences with your surgeon. All the different options to insert an implant have their pro's and con's. During your consultation you should discuss, what would be the best options for your individual situation. 

Frankfurt Plastic Surgeon

B-lite and keller funnel

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  1. Yes it is posiible to place B-lite with keller funnel through the axilla.
  2. The implant is slightly firmer but anyway it is possible to do it
  3. As the implant has a longitudinal mark is possible to orientate it in the pocket

Jesus Benito-Ruiz, MD
Spain Plastic Surgeon

B-lite implants

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The short answer is "I doubt it". These implants have not been around very long and very few surgeons have extensive experience with them. My own experience is limited but I found them to be very firm and therefore much more difficult to insert. I think the trans-axillary approach is a difficult approach at the best of times and I would doubt very much whether the surgeon would feel confident in accurately positioning your implant using  this technique with B-Lite implants.  Having said that, if your surgeon has particular experience with this, he/she  may completely disagree with me. In your position, I would like to see some examples of other patients whom he/she has treated that way before committing to what sounds like a very difficult manoeuver 

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