is it possible to be approved for a Breast Enlargement with Ehlers–Danlos syndrome (EDS) type 3?

I am 28 yRs old. I suffer very severe symptoms of EDS type 3, severe localised pain and Fibromyalgia for 9 yr. I am on a long list of medication. my EDS effects me in every way it can. I managed to have a child in 2012, i gained 4st, i was bed ridden for 5 months. after being ill for 6 months this year i have lost 5 1/2 st. i have gone from a 36ff to a 32c, i have lost elasticity in my chest, my breast resemble a 80 yrs old, its severely effecting my depression. sorry no pics.can they be fixed?

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Is it possible to be approved for a Breast Enlargement with Ehlers–Danlos syndrome (EDS) type 3?

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Based on your medical history it is unlikely you will be a candidate for breast augmentation surgery. It would be a good idea to discuss your medical history and concerns with a board certified plastic surgeon for an in person consultation.

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Risks of cosmetic surgery and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

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Sounds like you are dealing with a lot and I am empathetic to your situation.  It is hard to determine how much surgery you need as there are no photos,  but classic teaching is not to perform any types of rejuvenation procedures on patients with Ehlers_Danlos syndrome; this is because of thin, friable, hyperextensive skin and major problems with wound healing.  All surgeries have risks but yours are much greater.  Breast augmentation will not improve your localized pain from fibromyalgia.  Having a surgery with many risks for wound healing will only make you more depressed if you have complications and add to your current medical burden.  I know you are looking for ways to improve your situation and overall sense of well-being, but in this situation, cosmetic surgery may not be the best strategy for you.

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