Anatomical implants - why are there different heights of implants?

I've been suggested tall/full projection 320cc implants by my doctor, does that mean they will sit high up on my chest? I'm 5'8, BWD 11.5, very slim/athletic and a narrow torso. Am I better off with a medium height implant or is it more based on dimensions rather than choice.

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Based on dimensions

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Thank you for your interesting message.

Shaped implants come in different shape bases.  They can be round or oval.  The ovals can be either vertical or horizontal in their long axis.

Most surgeons recommend the implant which most resembles your chest shape.

In addition each implant can come in different projections.  The projection is the amount the implants is raised from your chest outwards.

I hope this helps you and your surgeon decide which implant would best suit you.

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