After fat transfer breast augmentation can weight loss/gain lead to irregular breast changes? What irregularities could occur?

If a woman had fat transfer breast augmentation then lost or gained around 10lbs after the procedure (like a year later or directly after), would there likely be any irregular consequences/changes to the breast area or would the changes be limited to normal increase/decrease of breast volume? I'm wondering about this because there are differences in the type of fat located in breasts and other areas of the body, so perhaps fat from the donor site may behave differently leading to irregularities.

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Fat transfer for breast augmentation

Dear Arissa,

One of the benefits of fat grafting is that once the fat has taken, then it behaves like your normal fat.  Not only in the look and feel, but also in the way it responds to weight fluctuations.  This can be helpful as it can keep your body in proportion but I always tell patients to try to get to an ideal body weight before having surgery and then aim to keep stable around that weight.  

The problem with weight fluctuations after surgery is that it can be unpredictable the extent to which the different areas of fat respond to weight changes.  Some times it all comes off the breasts, and sometimes none of it comes off the breasts and it all comes off some other area.

I hope this helps.

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