After effects of a labiaplasty (many years ahead).

Hi I'm scheduled for a LP Ina couple of wks which I've wanted sInce I can remember... I'm 27 I have been so excited to have this done I can't wait to feel confident and comfortable but come across this post and it's about menopause and that labia shrink during menopause my question is... how will this surgery effect me in the long run shall I leave it be will I lose any sensation I don't want to mess anything up just for it to be visually perfect in my younger years I'm feeling really indecisive

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Question of the day: What happens to you as an old lady if you have a labiaplasty as a young lady?

This is the second time this question has been asked today so here's your answer freshly cut and pasted:If you make it through the surgery and healing process unscathed and with a nice result, there should be no negative consequences after labiaplasty long term. If you get botched...the sky's the limit. Anything goes.

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Labiaplasty and Menapause

This is a great question and I can see why you might be concerned. Labiaplasty is a relatively simple operation to correct labia minora hypertrophy or redundancy...(enlarged or elongated inner lips).   It is basically shortening, trimming or tucking  the labia minora so they lie within or more in line with the outer labia majora. Menapause can and often does result in atrophy or thinning of all the vaginal structures including the labia majora, minora and the vaginal lining itself ...(I know,  more good news about menapause to look forward to

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Labiaplasty long term results

If your surgery goes well and recovery smooth and without initial short term (~6 months) complication then there should be no long term risks or complications.  Menopause is a whole seperate entity of and within itself.  Glad to help.

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After effects of a labiaplasty?

Thank you for sharing your question. Though menopause can lead to changes to the labia it usually causes thinning and atrophy of the tissues but will not correct enlarged minora.  The nerves responsible for sensation are not in the area of tissue resection and are not at risk during surgery..  It is completely natural to have some indecision and apprehension entering into any elective procedure but especially one as personal as a labiaplasty.  Talk to your surgeon about your concerns as they can answer any lingering questions while providing you with additional reassurance.  Hope this helps

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Labiaplasty questions

Thanks for sharing but you really  should be asking the surgeon who is scheduled to  perform your surgery.  I am not being evasive but all surgeons have different complications and experiences. I hope you chose a surgeon with experience, expertise, reputation and one who achieves great results because your best results come with the first labiaplasty.  To answer some of your questions:  menopause tends to make the labia minora larger initially because of adipose (fat ) loss in the labia majora giving the viewer the illusion there minora have gotten larger.  The lack of estrogen has little  or minimal effect on the shrinking of the minora.  If you are only getting a minora reduction it should not reduce your sexual you stimulate your minora for sexual arousal?  If you do I would discourage you from a minora reduction.  My partner and I have done well over 1500 labiaplasties and heave not yet met a patient who stimulates there minora for arousal.    Finally even though it is a womans choice to determine if she wants a labia surgery I would encourage you to discuss this with your partner ( if you are currently involved)....... men and women have sexual trigger points and to change that could have an affect on your relationship.  Example   I know women who only date men who are not circumcised ---- I would discourage the man from getting a circumcision if his wife was that woman.  (Note men and women are treated equally here).   You don't need to take your loved ones feelings into account but you should be aware of them.  I personally have had 3 patients who have come back to my office thanking me and canceling the surgery.... they said their partners found the protruding labia exotic or erotic.John R Miklos MD

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