Accutane and hairloss, should I stop treatment early?

Can anyone tell me if there is anything I can do whilst on accutane to try and stop my hair from falling out? I am a 24 yo female, i weigh 47kg and am on 40mg dose, I am half way through my third month and been told I've to do 4 months total. This started about 3 weeks ago and is only getting worse, the sides of my hairline have small bald patches. I am very worried about losing my hair.

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Accutane and hair loss

Thank you for your question. A rare side effect of Accutane is hair loss, but with that being said, there are other conditions that can cause hair loss.  I highly recommend you consult with your prescribing physician regarding your hair loss and for further evaluation of any underlying conditions. Take care and good luck.

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